Save The World
New album "Two", first album "One" and videos!


Coming May 7, 2021, the release of the brand new Save The World album "Two"! We will also reissue their debut album, "One" on the same date. First single and music video from "Two" coming on March 18th, but you can check out two music videos from the band's debut, "One" below. 

Watch the video of 'Bleed' 

Watch the video of 'Circus Maximus' 

Early pre-orders available now from the label's webstores. Digital and all other pre-orders available March 18th. 

Save The World pens emotionally charged songs with rich, melodic choruses, playing music that forgoes genre conventions in favor of a signature sound that’s modern, anthemic, and refreshingly dynamic. The band features chief songwriter Dan Tracey (Alan Parsons) on guitar, vocals, keyboards and Robert Wright on bass, vocals, keyboards, Taurus pedals, percussion, and drums.

"Two" tracklisting:
1. Camera Obscura
2. Bones
3. Miss Muse
4. Defenders Of The Faith
5. Daphne Blue
6. When Amanda Hits The Stage
7. Man On An Island
8. Longer
9. Denslow Park
10. Automaton
11. Illuminati
12. Who's That Girl

"One" tracklisting:
1. Bleed
2. Comic Con
3. In Pieces
4. Circus Maximus
5. This Little Pill
6. Let Love Win
7. I Wish
8. Black Pearl
9. Cecilia Weiss
10. Princes & Thieves
11. Cern
12. The Light