Heresy and Creed

TEN Heresy and Creed

Release Date: 19-10-2012
Genre: Melodic Rock

After two successful solo albums, British vocalist/songwriter Gary Hughes was making the preparations to begin recording what was to be his next two solo albums. 28 songs that were to be divided into two albums - one Rockers and one Ballads. After other musicians were brought in to play on the material, the music became more band orientated and thus Ten was born.

Mike Stone (Asia, Journey, Whitesnake) was assigned to mix the initial albums, marking the first official incarnation of Ten. The debut “X” was released in May 1996, becoming an instant success, particularly in Japan. The second album “The Name of the Rose” came out a few months later in September 1996 and was equally successful, gaining some enthusiastic reviews from the critics. With Mike Stone again at the helm Ten’s third album “The Robe” was released in September 1997.

Subsequent albums followed quickly. “Never Say Goodbye” (a double live album), “Spellbound” with well-known producer Rafe Mckenna (Giant, Bad Company). “Babylon”, which was released in August 2000 and featured renowned keyboard player Don Airey (Ozzy, Rainbow, Deep Purple) in the lineup, “Far Beyond the World” with Tommy Newton behind the mixing desk. During this time Gary Hughes also wrote three very popular solo albums for Bob Catley (Magnum) a solo album in a more melodic direction for himself that included “Precious Ones” and the two part critically acclaimed rock opera project named “Once and Future King” which saw the participation of such special guests as Damian Wilson, Bob Catley, Dougie White, Sean Harris, Danny Vaughn, Lana Lane, Irene Jansen, DC Cooper, Sabine Edelbacher and Harry Hess.

TEN returned in the forefront again with the release of “Return to Evermore” in 2004 followed by the aptly named “The Essential Collection 1995-2005” in order to celebrate the band's tenth anniversary. In August 2006 the band released “The Twilight Chronicles”, before taking some sabbatical years. Ten reappeared with “Stormwarning” in early 2011, mixed by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69). The period since then has seen a renaissance for Ten. The demand to see the band live has seen Ten step up their pro-activity on the live performance front. In February 2011 the band played a six date first leg of a UK tour. The band will also appear at Firefest 2012 and at Hard Rock Hell Festival in support to the release of Ten’s ‘tenth’ studio album “Heresy And Creed”. Songwriter Gary Hughes worked hard to live up to the expectations surrounding Ten’s new album. Such has been is his prolific output of quality material over the years, he is to many, arguably one of the greatest British AOR songwriter of all time; 17 years later, armed with this seemingly endless source of classic songs Ten continue to go from strength to strength. The new album is a true classic Ten and a groundbreaking, monumental album in more ways than one: classic hook laden songs. Power and melancholy with not a single ‘filler’ in sight.

Also thanks to a superb mix courtesy again of Dennis Ward, “Heresy And Creed” will prove once again that Ten are at the top of their genre. Ten are back and better than ever!

Gary Hughes - Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Dan Mitchel - Guitars
John Halliwell - Guitars
Steve McKenna - Bass Guitar
Darrel Treece-Birch - Keyboards
Max Yates - Drums And Percussion

Produced By : Dennis Ward And Gary Hughes