The new Hard Rock band featuring Christoffer Stjerne (H.E.R.O.) and Ken Hammer (Pretty Maids)


Frontiers Music Srl is proud to announce the signing of the new Danish hard rock band TABOO, who will release their self-titled debut album via the label this year.

Taboo features vocalist Christoffer Stjerne, who also fronts the band H.E.R.O., and guitarist Ken Hammer, who rock fans around the world will recognize as a founding member of the beloved hard rock institution Pretty Maids. Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Taboo's songs are stuffed with classic heavy riffing and super melodic hooks with a dose of modernity.

With their musical union, Taboo became the musical playground for two of Denmark's most experienced and powerful musicians. The powerhouse duo of Christoffer and Ken won’t let rock fans down when they release their self-titled debut album later this year.
Stay tuned for your first taste of music from the band coming up at the end of this month...

Christoffer Stjerne - Vocals, Various Instrumentation
Ken Hammer - Guitars, Various Instrumentation