Save The World
New studio album, reissue and new single!


Nashville based rock band Save The World have announced that their sophomore album "Two" will be released on May 7, 2021 via Frontiers. We will also reissue the band's debut album, "One" on the same day. Fans can get their first peek at the album "Two" via the first single and music video, 'Defenders Of The Faith’. 

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Watch music videos for two singles, 'Bleed' and 'Circus Maximus' from the album "One" below.
Circus Maximus: 
Formed by chief songwriter Dan Tracey on guitar, vocals, and keyboards and Robert Wright on bass, vocals, keyboards, Taurus pedals, percussion, production, engineering and for "Two", drums, Save The World pens emotionally charged songs with rich, melodic choruses, playing music that forgoes genre conventions in favor of a signature sound that’s modern, anthemic, and refreshingly dynamic. 

"Great songs for me are always all about the hook, the melody, and writing about something interesting that draws the listener in. When I put the band together I wanted to do something that didn’t fit into a specific genre because Robert and I are influenced by so many different artists. It’s more important for us to get a great vibe and message across. At the end of the day, it always comes out sounding like Save The World," says Dan Tracey of the band's sound. 
"A DJ up in Michigan described our records this way ... “All thriller, no filler“.  It’s all about the songs for me, and always has been. Now toss in a guy like Robert Wright, a multi-instrumentalist prodigy who also brings his incredible engineering and production talents to the table. It’s an unspoken language we share about where the songs are going when we start crafting an album. It just happens," continues Tracey. 

While the band is proud of all the songs on the album, one song in particular comes with special meaning. Tracey explains, "We had pretty much completed the record, but I felt like we needed one more song. I’m a huge Boston fan and back in 1993 I met Brad Delp after an RTZ show in North Hampton Massachusetts. He was so humble and kind, but you could see the sadness in his eyes. I went home and told my wife he was like “a man on an island”. I always remembered that line. So when it came time to write the last song on the record, I wanted to write it in tribute to Brad. The challenge was writing a song about depression and suicide, but not the typical sappy ballad. I wanted to make people feel the way I did when I first heard Boston‘s first album. When we would roll our windows down and turn the volume up to 10. We’ve had great feedback from Boston fans about the sound and the message. I’m really proud of this one.”

Of first single 'Defenders Of The Faith', Tracey explains, "My high school classmate John Chapman was killed 19 years ago while serving in Afghanistan. He was the most recent recipient of the Medal of Honor and there’s a best selling book out about his heroic actions called “Alone At Dawn,” which is now being turned into a blockbuster Hollywood movie with a name lead actor. John’s little known and secretive unit the 24, serves alongside both the famed Navy SEALs and the elite Delta Force. This level of skill and commitment has always fascinated me, and “Defenders Of The Faith“ pays tribute to these guys. They’re total badasses. Freedom isn’t free. There’s a price."
About the songwriting for 'Defenders Of The Faith', he continues, "Much like most of the songs I write it all starts with a hook. I had a title, and the rest of the song came very quickly. After that, my process is then strengthening the storyline and tweaking lyrics. I always make a full song sketch usually 100% complete before I send it off to Robert. He adds his magic and input on arranging, and from there we’re pretty close to the final product.  Robert always adds something great to elevate the songs. It’s uncanny. He just knows what it needs. Music has always come easier to me. I kind of channel the entire song in my head and can hear it start to finish. Writing lyrics is something that I have to work much harder on, and a huge part of why I initially moved to Nashville 26 years ago. The best storytellers in the world live in this town.”  

Dan Tracey is highly regarded for his songwriting, singing, and guitar playing skills. He’s composed music for major television shows and films, and performed and recorded with a variety of established musicians—currently, he plays guitar and sings in the Alan Parsons Live Project. 

Robert Wright draws recognition onstage and in the studio as a multi-instrumentalist, a songwriter with multiple artist cuts and publishing deals, and as a producer, where he topped the Billboard Country Album charts multiple times and earned many Gold and Platinum album awards. 

With a debut album “ONE” which started to make waves in the underground rock world (seeing also a cameo performance from Alan Parsons himself) and a new record “TWO” which is going to firmly set their imprint within the new rock fans, STW is a band to lookout for if you like hard melodic rock with hints of progressive music.