Love, dreams, faith and hope are what AURAS music is all about.


Hailing from Brazil, AURAS was formed in the beginning of 2007 by Gui Oliver (lead vocals) and Ferpa Lacerda (guitars). Tired of playing in cover bands and feeling that they were musically mature, both musicians decided to show the audience their own music.

The first song they wrote together “Hungry Hearts” was exposed to fans and selected press gathering excellent responses also from famous producers and musicians around the world. After the warm reception of “Hungry Hearts”, Gui Oliver and Ferpa Lacerda moved forward and recorded another few songs in order to find a label that could give them the chance to show the big audience their music.

During the recording process the great jazz drummer Edu Sallum, who had already played with Rafael Moreira (Pink, Christina Aguilera, Rockstar INXS, Paul Stanley), joined the band.

In 2008 the band had the chance to be face to face with their idols Jeff Scott Soto and Jimi Jamison when they opened their gig in Curitiba, AURAS hometown. When the band was on stage Jimi Jamison mentioned that AURAS songs took him back to the eighties and reminded him of the great bands of that period.

It was just a matter of time really and a few weeks later the band signed with Frontiers Records and they were the first band from South America to sign with the Italian label. What once was a dream had become reality. Gui, Ferpa and Edu therefore joined forces with the local studio musicians Matheus Brandon and Hemerson Vieira and started to record their first album called “New Generation”. The album was finally mixed and mastered to sonic perfection by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Sunstorm, Place Vendome, Khymera etc.).

Influenced by bands like Journey, Survivor, Toto and Chicago, AURAS tries to mix in their music new elements to the classic AOR/Melodic Rock style. AURAS want to be recognized as a real band, not another music project.

Love, dreams, faith and hope are what AURAS music is all about.

Gui Oliver – lead vocals
Ferpa Lacerda – guitars and background vocals
Edu Sallum – drums and percussion

Matheus Brandon – guitars and background vocals
Hemerson Vieira – bass