Jorn Symphonic

Release Date: 25-01-2013
Genre: Heavy Metal

Tracklisting: I Came To Rock; Rock And Roll Children; The World I See; Burn Your Flame; Man Of The Dark; My Road; Time To Be King; Black Morning; Like Stone In Water; Vision Eyes; War Of The World; Behind The Clown; A Thousand Cuts; The Mob Rules.

It was a spontaneous idea that is now put to life, as I thought it would be interesting to hear how some selected Jorn recordings would sound with a classical orchestral arrangement. The classical arrangements were added to the already existing studio versions, but some songs were remixed to give more room to the orchestra. I didn't want to choose the most obvious Jorn songs, as I didn't want this album to come out as a typical "best of" release, so the songs were chosen with this thought in mind.

It ended up being a track list with variety, with some songs that are not too typical in a Jorn context, chosen simply because some great songs often tend to be forgotten and therefore deserve a second chance. Many of them are featured closer to the end of the albums they belong to, or have previously been used as bonus tracks, and as the years fly by people seem to remember only the title tracks, singles or official music videos.

The opening track "I Came To Rock" is one of my all time favourite Jorn songs, and the classical arrangement worked perfectly. This song really brings the true craftsmanship and originality of the band to the surface. It has elements of the experimental rock music of the 70's, as well as it has a more modern heavy metal oriented sound. The chorus on "I Came To Rock", might remind you of a musical, normally related to something from Broadway, and not coming from a heavy rock band like Jorn.

Another song I wish to mention is the artistic melancholic track "Behind The Clown". This is just one of these songs that make you question whether the artist really represents heavy rock or metal music by heart, or if the song is just an experimental attempt to write something different. I guess we all have some skeletons in the closet...

When I grew up there was no such thing as Heavy Metal, and bands with heavy distorted guitars weren't common on the music scene. Most of the artists we discovered came through commercial mainstream radio, like radio Luxembourg, and only if you were really lucky you'd have a record store nearby, importing international pop and rock vinyl.

As a young boy I was fascinated by the unique and wonderful Kate Bush, and when you know this, it's more obvious to understand why a song like "Behind The Clown" was written.

It can be discussed whether it was necessary or not, to release an album like this, since the songs also sound great without the added classical arrangements, but I personally feel that some tracks were improved by adding the orchestra, just check out “Burn your flame”, it really came out fresh and different, compared to the original version on Spirit Black from 2009.

I hope you will enjoy the album and maybe you will even rediscover some songs you had forgotten…

Jorn Lande – October 2012


Jorn Lande – vocals
Willy Bendiksen - drums
Nic Angileri - bass
Tore Moren - guitars
Jimmy Iversen – guitars

Orchestral arrangements Lasse Jensen