Release Date: 01-06-2012
Genre: Metal progressive

Tracklisting: Forging; Architect Of Fortune; Namaste; Game Of Life; Reach Within; I Am; Used; The One; Burn After Reading; Last Goodbye.

Circus Maximus’ first album, “The First Chapter”, took the metal world by storm in 2005. After 2 demos which received rave reviews in their home country, the band finally debuted with its impeccable Prog Metal sound made of a superb mixture of classic hard rock anthems and progressive technical bits and pieces to the world creating immediately a huge buzz.

On the heels of the release, Circus Maximus performed at the prestigious ProgPower Festival in Atlanta, USA – and the following year people demanded them to return, which they of course did, bringing along their new keyboardist Lasse Finbroten. In 2005 and 2006 the band played lots of gigs and festivals around Scandinavia with such acts as Jorn, Kamelot, Pagan’s Mind and Glenn Hughes.

In 2007 they came back with an even stronger studio release “Isolate”: a concept album on “how much you can lose until you go completely mad, and how much have lost when insanity finally embraces you”. With a top-notch sound and 9 fantastic songs, the album was a huge step forward and put the band high on top of the Prog Metal genre.

Since then, Circus Maximus spent the past years gigging and further refining their sound. With the release of their anticipated new album, “Nine”, they are poised to take their place alongside the upper echelon of Progressive Metal bands. The band’s musical formula is not easy to accomplish – take jaw dropping musicianship, add a singer like Michael Eriksen with a voice from heaven and toss it together with hooks, anthemic melodies and enough heavy riffing to stick with you for days.

For this new album the band presents the best of both worlds – offering the most melodic and at the same time heaviest moments of their repertoire, but with a class and maturity which is really from another world. “Nine” is an absolute contender as Top Album of the year, transcending the boundaries and subgenres of Hard Rock music. That’s just THIS good – enjoy !

Michael Eriksen - Vocals
Lasse Finbråten - Keyboards
Mats Haugen - Guitars
Truls Haugen - Drums
Glen Cato Møllen - Bass