Spirit of the Night - Live in Cambridge 09 (CD + DVD Combo edition)

Asia Spirit of the Night - Live in Cambridge 09 (CD + DVD Combo edition)

Release Date: 15-10-2010
Genre: Melodic Rock

This Live CD / DVD captures Asia in their original line-up, performing to an enthusiastic crowd. The masters come from the band’s own archive and this is a show they have personally selected to be filmed and released. It’s a raw and honest view of the musicians and the perspiration on their brows, as they play to a receptive audience. It is truly a compelling viewing and a “must have” for all Asia fans.

The DVD shows the band playing tightly together in harmony with each other and the audience in an energetic and energizing rock concert. The filing is “fly on the wall” placing the viewer seemingly in the audience rather than in a cinema. All of the band supports this type of filming and are looking forward to a dvd which allows the fans to almost join them on stage.

The set list features songs from their reunion album “Phoenix” along with a selection of the classics that all the fans would expect. The recording is a historical document of where the band was at the time and a snapshot of their musicianship, camaraderie and passion. This live CD / DVD is an irreplaceable companion to the studio album. “Spirit of the Night” shows the band at the top of their game. Don’t miss it !

John Wetton: bass and lead vocals
Steve Howe: guitars
Geoff Downes: keyboards
Carl Palmer: drums