All songs have been digitally mastered by my good friend Tommy Hansen and I hope that this album will please my old as well as my newer fans.


Release Date: 26-01-2007
Genre: Melodic Rock

Jorn Lande, was born in the heart of Norway in 1968. His interest in music started at an early age, inspired by his father - who also is a musician - and the rock music of the 70's.

After many years of developing as a singer and songwriter, touring with different bands and appearing as special guest on various albums, his first official recording was with Vagabond in 1993.

During the past decade he has delivered more than twenty albums with different bands and projects and worked with great artists like Ronni Le Tekro, Yngwie Malmsteen, Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden (WHITESNAKE), Joe Lynn Turner, Don Airey (OZZY, RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE), Uli Jon Roth (SCORPIONS), Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X). His most famous effort is his role as front man in German metal act MASTERPLAN which has achieved great success around the world.

During the last years he has established himself with his own band under the name "JORN", releasing so far four increasingly successful solo albums.

JORN is now back with two separate albums which encounter the fans request for more material and to make some of his earlier work more available.

"With "The Gathering"", Jorn says "I am trying to give the fans the chance to check out more easily my work from before I joined MASTERPLAN; some songs that I believe stick out and deserve a second chance in history". "Some tracks have been rerecorded from scratch, simply because I felt they would sound better with new arrangements and approach" continues the Norwegian singer, adding "Others have been remixed and this way given a "face lift" due to the fact that the original recordings didn't sound that great. All songs have been digitally mastered by my good friend Tommy Hansen and I hope that this album will please my old as well as my newer fans".

"Unlocking the past" includes some previously unreleased cover songs that were originally considered to be "leftovers" or additional bonus tracks for previous JORN albums. Many of them were never included on any official release. Some brand new covers were also recorded specifically for this release. Dust has been brushed from these recordings, plus the remixing of "Burn", "The Day the Earth Caught Fire" (which originally appeared on Jorn's debut JORN album "Starfire") and the remastered version of "On and On" which was supposed to appear on a Millennium covers album a few years back, complete the tracklisting of the album.

"I'm very excited about releasing these songs from my treasure chest" Jorn states and surely this is nothing else than a nice present for the numerous fans of one the greatest Rock singers around.