2006 LIVE (CD)


Release Date: 08-12-2006
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock

Extraordinary brilliant excellent the best awesomthis and more, all apply to the one and only group of great musicians who calls themselves ROYAL HUNT.

Behind the band are 8 studio albums: "Land Of Broken Hearts", "Clown In The Mirror", "Moving Target", "Paradox", "Fear", "The Mission", "Eye Witness" and "Paper Blood". All are true masterpieces and the Hunters sold well over a million copies of them worldwide. Each and every one of the albums can provide enough material to write books. ROYAL HUNT's music is used already in movies, TV serials, TV commercials, cellular phone rings and by WNO/WWF wrestlers theme anthems around the globe. In addition, they have had multiple world tours with sold out venues and great acclaim all over the world.

ROYAL HUNT underwent a major transition in December ‘04 when guitarist Jacob Kjaer and bass player Steen Mogensen both terminated their tenure with the band. Newly installed would be guitarist Marcus Jidell, a scene veteran of JEKYLL & HYDE and THE RING and former drummer Kenneth Olsen. The bass position was filled in July by HOUSE OF SHAKIRA and SPIKE man Per Schelander. Together with main songwriter Andre Andersen on keyboards and extraordinary singer John West, they picked the historic stage of Sct. Petersburg's Music Hall to film their new "live in concert" DVD on. A beautiful old theatre and some 1000+ enthusiastic fans created great atmosphere for this event, which lasted about 2 hours (the band played a wide selection of songs from all of their releases since 1991 and some tracks from the latest one - "Paper Blood") and was captured by 7 cameras.

The DVD also includes some backstage footage as well as interviews with band members and their road crew, while the 2cd set is the ultimate ROYAL HUNT package, an essential item for all the long time fans and a celebration for the years to come !

If you haven't seen this band on stage yet - go get "Royal Hunt 2006" CD/DVD and you will be extremely satisfied... it's quality music delivered with unearthly confidence, skills and energy. If you've been fortunate to experience some of their shows - go get it all the same just to remind yourself, how fortunate you are.